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Farmina N&D

Farmina N&D OCEAN Kitten COD, SHRIMPS & PUMPKIN 80g - case of 12

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  • Complete kitten wet food formula
  • Uses sustainably sourced cod, herring, salmon and shrimp
  • Rich with fresh sweet potatoes and pumpkin
  • Zero xanthan, cassia, guar, carrageenan or industrial gums used in this recipe
  • Grain-free and no artificial preservatives
  • Packed in a protective atmosphere and minimally processed - uses gentle steam technology and packaged in a BPA free can
  • Available in individual 2.8 oz can and cases of 12 cans
  • Made in Italy

    Inspired by nature, Farmina combines the highest quality of raw, natural ingredients with scientific research and techniques to create a perfect union of nature and science that helps create a rich, natural, palatable and beneficial kibble and wet food for your pet.

    Farmina N&D Ocean Kitten Wet Food is a grain-free and complete line of wet food formula that uses sustainably sourced cod, herring, salmon and shrimp with fresh sweet potatoes and pumpkin. The cod, herring, salmon and shrimp are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and combined with fibre rich pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Providing your kitten with a formula that maintains the immune system, skin, coat, urinary, digestive while supporting the growth of your kitten by meeting growing their everyday nutritional needs.

    Farmina Ocean Wet Food is a balanced and complete recipe specifically made for kittens. Containing no grains, artificial preservatives, industrial gums, xanthan, cassia, guar and carrageenan. Each batch is made with a gentle steam technology to preserve the richness of each ingredient and packed in a protective atmosphere in a BPA free can. Please see specifications for more information, available in an individual 80 g (2.8 oz) can and in cases of 12 cans. Made in Italy.